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January 05, 2022 | Aidan Zielske
  • Certainty or Uncertainty in Minnesota’s Attorney-Client Privilege Protections?
In December, the Minnesota Supreme Court in In Re Polaris formally adopted the “predominant purpose test” to determine whether a document that contains both legal and business advice is entirely protected by the attorney-client privilege.
June 17, 2021 | Brandon T. Glanz and Jimmy Pierce
  • Covered Claims
In Minnesota, what threshold must an underlying complaint meet to implicate an insurer’s duty to defend an insured defendant?
March 11, 2021 | Cody Bauer
  • New Wisconsin Law Grants Broad COVID-19 Civil Liability Immunity: Here’s Who is Impacted
On February 25, 2021, Governor Tony Evers signed Wisconsin Act 4, a new law that protects certain entities from civil liability against claims related to COVID-19.
March 10, 2021 | Lee B. Bennin
  • When Does a “Precedential” Opinion Become Binding Precedent?  Immediately, Says the Minnesota Court of Appeals
Last week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued an opinion that clarified a nuanced and oft-overlooked aspect of Minnesota law.
March 01, 2021 | Aidan Zielske1
  • The Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act
Closely following in the footsteps of Washington and Virginia, on February 22, 2021...