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November 06, 2019 | Scott G. Williams
  • Scott G. Williams
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that an insurer may pose interrogatories to juries—i.e., ask the jury questions—in an underlying third-party action.
July 12, 2019 | Brandon T. Glanz
  • Brandon T. Glanz
Sweeping changes for Minnesota employers are now in place as Minnesota’s new wage theft law took effect last week.
April 08, 2019 | John Wells
  • John Wells
In March, in an opinion authored by Justice Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court of the United States decided a maritime tort claim which discussed the “bare metal” defense commonly asserted by manufacturers in asbestos litigation.
March 08, 2019 | Brandon T. Glanz
  • Brandon T. Glanz
The Minnesota Supreme Court held last week in Daniel v. City of Minneapolis that the exclusivity provision in the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation...
January 22, 2019 | Ryan Brackin
  • Ryan Brackin
Eight Twin Cities suburbs recently filed identical suits in Minnesota federal court alleging that several companies’ refined coal tar products used in pavement sealants have contaminated city ponds.