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October 02, 2020 | Casey B. Suszynski and Aidan Zielske1
  • Minnesota Insurers Evaluate Claims Practices in the Wake of Peterson Decision
The Minnesota Supreme Court’s recent decision affects insurers doing business in Minnesota. This article highlights key factors to help you avoid bad faith findings and the handling of intrusive discovery...
July 20, 2020 | R. John Wells and Molly Billion
  • Minn. Supreme Court Refuses to Deviate from Prior Statute  of Limitations Application in Asbestos Lawsuits
The Minnesota Supreme Court recently affirmed long-standing precedent holding that the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims begins to run once asbestos is discovered to be the source of an injury.
  • Small Business Owners Challenge Minnesota Closure Orders
The Free Minnesota Small Business Coalition and several small business owners have petitioned the Minnesota Court of Appeals for an order declaring a number of Governor Walz’s COVID-19 executive orders unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause.
April 27, 2020 | Alex Rubenstein and Brandon Glanz
  • Whistleblower Claims in the Age of COVID-19
COVID-19 has created additional challenges for employers. Among those is the prospect of whistleblower claims brought by terminated employees.
  • Force Majeure COVID-19
Many contracts contain a force majeure clause, typically buried within boilerplate language, which can excuse a party’s nonperformance if extraordinary events prevent the party from fulfilling contractual obligations.